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About Us

BMZ Manhattan

BMZ Manhattan has developed into a wholly Western Australian owned firm of accountants, business consultants and taxation advisors. We are a medium sized accounting firm.

The team at BMZ Manhattan have expertise in a wide range of disciplines including taxation, accounting, corporate law, estate planning, computerised accounting and asset protection.

As we have qualified specialists in each area, we are able to provide you with a range of high quality services and work with you through each phase of your business life cycle and private success.

BMZ Manhattan has experienced strong growth over the years which clearly indicates we enjoy local support from a vibrant client base.

With the majority of Australian and overseas businesses being owner managed we have dedicated our resources to serving these businesses. With a culture that combines innovation, integrity and a commitment to client service, our partners and staff seek to provide the solutions businesses require. As such we can supply much more than simple compliance services.

BMZ Manhattan is fast becoming one of the first choices of many referring lawyers, bankers and other professionals. It has an excellent reputation amongst the business and professional community in Perth for the provision of accounting, taxation and financial services.

*Financial advisors

Want to build your wealth and live comfortably in retirement?

Investing without expert advice can be risky. You've worked too hard to take chances with your savings.

If you want to protect your assets against unforeseen events, you need help from a specialist.

Investment recommendations should be based on the long term outlook. A licensed financial planner can help with savings plans, investments, superannuation, income protection, life insurance and trauma insurance.

They are committed to helping you achieve your long term needs and objectives. 

*We refer all financial planning work to a panel of licensed financial planners. As BMZ Manhattan is not licensed, no specific financial planning advice can be given.

Business development

Are you eligible for a government grant?

A business plan has proven to be the most effective management tool to generate increased sales, higher profits and provide long-term growth.

If you want to gain a competitive edge in the market place, let our skilled consultants develop a strategic business plan for you. This will provide you with powerful solutions and creative ideas to get better results.

Building your wealth

BMZ Manhattan can also assess your business' suitability and potential to reap the huge benefits available to most organisations who embrace research and development (R&D).

BMZ Manhattan has a powerful range of proven strategies to enable businesses to benefit from R&D.

Accounting and taxation planning

Are you looking for a high quality costeffective accountant?

At BMZ Manhattan you'll have your own highly trained and fully qualified consultant who'll always be there to give you an efficient, high quality standard of work.

Each member of the team is proactive. This means we will meticulously check every conceivable avenue to ensure you pay the absolute minimum tax payable. We'll also take the time to help you put into place a range of effective strategies to legally reduce your future taxation commitments.

Our fees, unless otherwise agreed, are quoted and set annually. Therefore you know what you are going to pay in advance. Included in the price is 5 free phone calls per month so no more annoying bills everytime you speak to us.

Our objective is to meet the needs of our clients

The BMZ Manhattan team is committed to delivering quality, exceptional service and excellence to its clients. Our over-riding objective is to help you achieve your private and business goals. We like to feel that we are your partners in success. This means staying in touch and working closely with you to help improve your performance and bottom-line results.

Accounting and taxation planning

  • Financial accounting

  • Management accounting

  • Internet accounting

  • Cashflow forecasts

  • Tax planning

  • Income tax returns

  • Salary packaging

  • Negative gearing

  • Self managed superannuation (SMSF)

Business development

  • Business plans

  • Marketing plans

  • Tenders and trademarks

  • Business to business (com)

  • Internet marketing

  • Seminars, workshops and training

*Financial advisors

  • Retirement*

  • Superannuation*

  • Rollovers*

  • Allocated pensions*

  • Life insurance*

  • Risk insurance*

  • Estate planning*

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